Leonardo Da Vinci

      We belive in the refinement of a simple and cohesive design which must be in perfect harmony with the surrounding enviroment, representing a unique concept to be remembered.

      Creativity is the most important aspect of our work, the one we love most. Bringing to life ideas and concepts is something exciting and stimulating, starting with detailed research for inspiration that leads to the selection of spectacular materials, textures and colors. Our aim is to create magic for our clients.

      We are committed to supporting all industry professionals (from photographers to floral designers, bridal designers, venues, calligraphers, etc.) who are in need of an organizational and, most of all, creative service to produce editorials for workshops, to grow their portfolio, to launch new collections or to rebrand their business.

      Our support covers the organization (identification of the requirements of the client and consequently the research of the perfect site, the preparation of a moodboard and of a schedule, the contact of the vendors to involve, etc.) and most of all the design that it is specifically aimed to realize amazing sets whose distinctive feature is the uniqueness of the details which make them perfect for the specific project.